MACREX Supported Characters
Codepage Characters
Unicode Characters
Special Puncutation Characters (^ \ { } etc)
Codepage Symbols
These codepage 850 characters will display on the screen, export to a .rtf file and print correctly.
They are accessible from the character map - many are also accessible by combination keystrokes.
The printer replacement codes may also be used to access most of these characters.
If the printer replacement codes are used they will be converted automatically to the single character
Printer Replacement code Character Keystroke <CTRL><SHIFT>N / Num Lock
a{[']} <CTRL><ALT>a Off
A{[']} <CTRL><ALT>A Off
a{[`]} <CTRL><ALT>a On
A{[`]} <CTRL><ALT>A On
a{[@]} <ALT>a On
A{[@]} <ALT>A On
a{["]} <ALT>a Off
A{["]} <ALT>A Off
ae{[ae]}, a{[ae]} <ALT>s Off
AE{[ae]}, A{[ae]} <ALT>S Off
c{[,]} <ALT>c Off
C{[,]} <ALT>C Off
d{[-]} <ALT>d Off
D{[-]}, D{[th]}, D{[TH]} Đ <ALT>D Off
e{[']} <CTRL><ALT>e Off
E{[']} <CTRL><ALT>E Off
e{[`]} <CTRL><ALT>e On
E{[`]} <CTRL><ALT>E On
e{[@]} <ALT>e On
E{[@]} <ALT>E On
e{["]} <ALT>e Off
E{["]} <ALT>E Off
i{[']} <CTRL><ALT>i Off
I{[']} <CTRL><ALT>I Off
i{[`]} <CTRL><ALT>i On
I{[`]} <CTRL><ALT>I On
i{[@]} <ALT>i On
I{[@]} <ALT>I On
i{["]} <ALT>i Off
I{["]} <ALT>I Off
n{[=]} <ALT>n Off
N{[=]} <ALT>N Off
o{[']} <CTRL><ALT>o Off
O{[']} <CTRL><ALT>O Off
o{[`]} <CTRL><ALT>o On
O{[`]} <CTRL><ALT>O On
o{[@]} <ALT>o On
O{[@]} <ALT>O On
o{["]} <ALT>o Off
O{["]} <ALT>O Off
o{[/]} <ALT>x Off
O{[/]} <ALT>X Off
o{[=]} two key entry
O{[=]} two key entry
T{[th]}, t{[th]} <ALT>t Off
TH{[th]} <ALT>T Off
u{[']} <CTRL><ALT>u Off
U{[']} <CTRL><ALT>U Off
u{[`]} <CTRL><ALT>u On
U{[`]} <CTRL><ALT>U On
u{[@]} <ALT>u On
U{[@]} <ALT>U On
u{["]} <ALT>u Off
U{["]} <ALT>U Off
y{["]} <ALT>y Off
y{[@]} ŷ <ALT>y On
Y{[@]} Ŷ <ALT>Y On
These characters will display on the screen (providing the font supports unicode - use lucida console) export to a .rtf file and print correctly.
They can be obtained using the Unicode section of the character map or by entering the printer replacement code shown on the left.
It doesn't matter which codepage you are using for these to work.
If you are using a version of MACREX with Unicode editing enabled, the keystrokes shown can also be used.
<CTRL><SHIFT>N / Num Lock
a{[-]} ā
A{[-]} Ā
a{[v]} ă
A{[v]} Ă
c{[@]} ĉ <ALT>c on
C{[@]} Ĉ <ALT>C on
c{[']} ć <CTRL><ALT>c off
C{[']} Ć <CTRL><ALT>C off
c{[v]} č
C{[v]} Č
d{[th]} <ALT>d Off
D{[TH]} <ALT>D Off
e{[-]} ē
E{[-]} Ē
e{[v]} ě
E{[v]} Ě
G{[,]} ģ two key entry
g{[,]} Ģ two key entry
g{[.]} ġ
G{[.]} Ġ
i{[-]} ī
I{[-]} Ī
k{[,]} ķ two key entry
K{[,]} Ķ two key entry
l{[']} ĺ two key entry
L{[']} Ĺ two key entry
l{[/]} ł
L{[/]} Ł
l{[,]} ļ two key entry
L{[,]} Ļ two key entry
n{[']} ń <CTRL><ALT>n off
N{[']} Ń <CTRL><ALT>N off
n{[v]} ň
N{[v]} Ň
n{[,]} ņ two key entry
N{[,]} Ņ two key entry
o{['']} ő
O{['']} Ő
o{[-]} ō
O{[-]} Ō
o{[e]}, oe{[oe]}
O{[E]}, OE{[OE]}, O{[oe]}
r{[']} ŕ
R{[']} Ŕ
r{[v]} ř
R{[v]} Ř
r{[,]} ŗ two key entry
R{[,]} Ŗ two key entry
s{[,]} ş
S{[,]} Ş
s{[']} ś <CTRL><ALT>s off
S{[']} Ś <CTRL><ALT>S off
s{[@]} ŝ two key entry
S{[@]} Ŝ two key entry
t{[,]} ţ two key entry
T{[,]} Ţ two key entry
th{[th]} <ALT>t Off
TH{[TH]} <ALT>T Off
u{['']} ű
U{['']} Ű
u{[-]} ū
U{[-]} Ū
u{[v]} ŭ
U{[v]} Ŭ
U{[o]} Ů
u{[o]} ů
w{[@]} ŵ <ALT>w On
W{[@]} Ŵ <ALT>W On
y{[']} <CTRL><ALT>y Off
Y{[']} <CTRL><ALT>Y Off
z{[.]} ż
Z{[.]} Ż
z{[']} ź <CTRL>ALT>z off
Z{[']} Ź <CTRL>ALT>Z off
<CTRL><SHIFT>G / Scroll Lock
[alpha] α a on
[beta] β b on
[gamma] γ g on
[delta] δ d on
[epsilon] ε e on
[zeta] ζ z on
[eta] η j on
[theta] θ v on
[iota] ι i on
[kappa] κ k on
[lambda] λ l on
[mu] μ m on
[nu] ν n on
[xi] ξ x on
[omikron] ο q on
[pi] π p on
[ro] ρ r on
[stigma] ς c on
[sigma] σ s on
[tor] τ t on
[ipsilon] υ u on
[fi] φ f on
[chi] χ h on
[psi] ψ w on
[omega] ω o on
[ALPHA] Α A on
[BETA] Β B on
[GAMMA] Γ G on
[DELTA] Δ D on
[ZETA] Ζ Z on
[ETA] Η J on
[THETA] Θ V on
[IOTA] Ι I on
[KAPPA] Κ K on
[MU] Μ M on
[NU] Ν N on
[XI] Ξ X on
[PI] Π P on
[RO] Ρ R on
[SIGMA] Σ S on
[TOR] Τ T on
[FI] Φ F on
[CHI] Χ H on
[PSI] Ψ W on
[OMEGA] Ω O on
These characters, either reserved or not available in the standard character set, can be entered using the codes below
They will display on the screen and print correctly
-- Em Dash
{[\\]} \
{[^^]} ^
{[!!]} ~
{[(]} {
{[)]} }
These codepage 850 symbols will display on the screen, export t a .rtf file and print correctly.
They are accessible via the character map.
<ALT><SHIFT><SPACE> non-break space
e{[$]} Unicode Character Map Euro Currency
<ALT>- En Dash
These characters are part of the Unicode Character Set but are not currently supported by the Lucida Console font
They will appear on the screen and print as the expanded form but will transer to a wordprocessor correctly
z{[-]} ƶ
Z{[-]} Ƶ
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